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Doctor holding up xray

One of our specially trained Radiologists will study the images of your test and send a final written report to your ordering provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) within 24-48 hours, unless prior imaging is needed for your exam, in which case it may take longer.

Your ordering provider can then provide you the results and discuss them with you in detail. Every Provider’s office has different procedures and turnaround time for discussing results of exams so please reach out to your provider for more information. Our staff is not able to discuss the specifics of the results with you or give you a diagnosis.

Your results can be sent to another provider in addition to your ordering provider, just request this at your time of service or call us at a later date to request the information be forwarded.

You may request copies of your Images and Radiology Report/Results. These can either be mailed to you or copies can be picked up at our front desk. Please call ahead to request the records and reduce your wait time at 309-743-0445.

If you want your records sent to another party or need copies of your billing records, please contact Advanced Radiology, SC billing office at 309-762-1072, and complete an “Authorization for Release of Confidential Information (PDF)."