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Ultrasound 2018 –  Advanced Imaging is pleased to announce we have expanded our ultrasound capabilities by adding a second ultrasound machine!  Purchasing a second machine will allow us to accommodate more patients daily as well as offer more flexibility to schedule urgent exams. Advanced Imaging prides itself on offering the latest technology in ultrasound, and our upgraded equipment allows for more detailed images for interpretation by our highly-trained radiologists.

PET/CT  Rooms 2017 – Our newly remodeled spacious PET uptake room  allows patients to comfortably rest before their PET scan takes place. This room is equipped with a comfortable bed and noise cancelling equipment to aid in the patients resting period.
Digital Radiography (X-ray) 2017 –  We upgraded current X-ray equipment to digital X-ray to reduce processing time, making each X-Ray less time consuming for the patient!

C-Arm 2017 –  We have upgraded our Fluoroscopy room with a new state of the art C-Arm. The C-Arm offers a more comfortable experience for patients during their procedure; as the he machine is able to angle itself, versus the old fashioned way of the patient having to angle themselves to fit the machine.
3D Tomosynthesis Digital Mammography –  Our new 3D Tomosynthesis mammography system delivers greater clarity and more certainty at a lower dose. In fact, the dose is similar to a standard digital 2D exam, but with superior clinical performance for all breast types. Transforming breast cancer detection! See more information on 3D Mammography

Body Composition Fat Analysis Testing -  Now offering the gold standard in determining your Body Fat Percentage using Dexa Scan. Your bathroom scale cannot tell the difference between the two, but our Body Composition Fat Analysis test using DEXA scan can! See more information on Dexa Composition Fat Analysis

Vascular Ultrasound Screening -  Vascular screening exams using ultrasound are convenient, non-invasive painless tests that can be performed either individually or as a package. Carotid, aortic aneurysm, and leg vessel scans can be done at our center, and don't require a physician's order! See more information on Vascular Screening
Introducing 4D Obstetrical Ultrasound - Now parents can see what their newest family member will look like!  4D Ultrasound uses 3D images along with movement, enhancing the image your baby. See more information on Obstetrical Ultrasound
Upgraded Bone Density (DEXA) Machine -  We have upgraded our machine to provide our patients with more accurate bone density measurements and have improved the quality of the imaging. See more information on Dexa Bone Densitometry
PET/CT Scanning-  Advanced Imaging Center is the first provider in the Quad Cities to provide the only truly integrated PET/CT scanning system and equipment. We offer the Siemens Biograph TruePoint PET/CT for our patients. This equipment performs the diagnostic CT and PET exam at the same time - providing greater accuracy than ever before. This equipment, combined with the expertise of our CT and PET technologists, will provide the best images possible to help care for our patients. Advanced Imaging Center is a participating facility with the National Oncologic PET Registry (NOPR). The NOPR provides Medicare reimbursement for cancers and indications that are not routinely covered. Please call our office if you have further questions. See more information on PET  or See more information on CT
Virtual Colonoscopy –Advanced Imaging Center was the first provider in the Quad Cities to offer Virtual Colonoscopy (also called CT Colonography). This cutting edge technology (now supported by the American Cancer Society) uses 3D and CT technology to evaluate the colon - creating a standard of excellence in the Quad Cities. Our program is modeled after the premier Virtual Colonoscopy site in the country at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Virtual colonoscopy is proven to be an excellent and valid alternative to traditional optical colonoscopy. It is a quick, painless, and less invasive alternative to traditional optical colonoscopy. The majority of patients (approximately 90%) have a negative virtual colonoscopy and need no further procedure, with the added benefit of no sedation recovery. See more information on Virtual Colonoscopy

Image-guided Pain Injections –  Advanced Imaging Center provides image-guided pain injections to patients who suffer from chronic joint and back pain. Intra-articular joint injections are used to treat painful or swollen joints. A steroid medication is injected into the joint under x-ray guidance, helping to reduce pain in the affected area. Injections of the spine can be performed to both diagnose and treat the causes of back pain. See more information on Image Guided Injections